Wednesday, February 27

Tuesday Night Bible Study

Jesus is Not kEwL, by Katy © 2003

How I ended up in that house last night is a very long and not so complicated story. If anyone reads this and wonders WHY????? I might be able to tell you.

Last night I agreed to join and old Friend at her new bible study "for young adults." That right there is usually a red flag for bad things to come. When ever a church says, "young adults" they usually mean young Christians who listen to Christian Rock and are trying to hip and cool and oooohhh so very not hip and cool way.

The whole thing was like a bad flash back to high school and collage. If you have ever seen the movie Saved you will know where I am coming from. These people were so shallow and the whole thing just seemed pointless. I have gotten so used to communing with wise women and talking about "the feminine" and the oppression of the church and its doctrines that I had forgotten that there are people who read a verse of the bible out of context and say, "now what do you think?"

It just so happened that we read the verse were Jesus calms the storm and the questions asked by the leader steered the conversation into how dumb the disciples were. When was someone going to bring up that this was irrelavent? That this was just a metophor? Oh, that would be my cue I guess. I had to be the one to say, "I don't think the question of the Disciples' logic is the focus of this story. I think whoever 'Mark' was wrote this story just as a way to say, 'have faith always.' They didn't wake Jesus up to admire a beautiful sun set, and we don't wake him up for that either. We wake him up when the waves are crashing in and we are sure we are going to die, even when we are sure it wont do any good. I think what Jesus was saying was, 'Look, you don't have to shout. I'm here. Don't you get that?' " THAT opened the flood gates, and I was reminded why I don't hang with people my own age.

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