Thursday, February 28

How was today?

The saga of what to do with the 50 boxes filled with worthless copies made for the trial that never was and stored in the library that is about to be re-shelved continues. The associate on the case continues to insist that he needs to look at them before they are sent to rot in off-site storage, the partner continues not to care, and I continue to want to tell the associate to suck it and burn the boxes myself. It would all be of no matter of course, if on Wednesday, the associate in question would have taken the 10 minutes to come and look at the boxes. He can't do that simple task on until Friday. "Is that a problem?" he mused. Of course it is idiot. How can you look at boxes in a library that is being re-shelved? I was very tempted to have them all sent to his office so that he could look at them. Not to worry though. The mail room will move the boxes to the volt in the basement where they will rot because the associate will, once again forget that they exist. I will too of course, until years later when I am asked, once again, if they can be moved.

Other than that things are great. I'm tired, I think I'm getting sick again, and I want to go home early and sleep. I'm ready to walk into my partners office and tell him that I quit, or at least that I am taking off tomorrow afternoon. I still haven't decided which. The best part is my bank account is no longer reading $4 as my paycheck was deposited this morning.

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