Sunday, March 9

Adventures in Art-caring

The saga of the art car begins. Art never works the way you intend it. This art car has gotten off to rough start. It began yesterday. Of course, as always I tried to pack way to much into a Saturday, further proof that working 5 days and playing 2 just isn't the kind of schedule I need.

The day started with breakfast at Denny's with my parents. That was fun as always. It's my mom birthday on Tuesday so this is her birthday weekend and we are all subject to her whims. After that we were off to home depot, then hobby lobby. We had to stop by Heather's, of course to wish her well on her cruise. A quick stop by Alex's grandmother's house to pick up her Aunt (who's 11) took longer than planed. Her uncle is in town for the weekend. Alex ended up staying there while I went on.

After washing and sanding the car it was time to test paint. That is when it became clear. The sticker needs to come off. So it was a trip to auto parts store and then the hardware store to get more supplies. After that we started to work on it again. My dad, in all his wonderful wisdom came outside. "I don't think that is a sticker, I think it's just painted on." No, moron it's a sticker. I'm, sitting here, a millimeter a way from the car, I can tell it's a sticker. It's peeling off (although slowly). The thing is most definitely a sticker. I swear the man has to put his two cents into every situation. Living with my parents wouldn't be half as frustrating if he would just shut up once and awhile. But I digress.
I'm still working on the sticker. My expectations have gone from having two rainbows on it by the end of the weekend to have the sticker off, and if I'm lucky, some primer on. We shall see though. I can here my parents cleaning house. I'm just waiting for them to find me an whine that I'm not helping. My mom will freak when she sees me walking outside. Oh well.

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