Thursday, March 20


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Today is an anomaly. I haven't looked it up, but I'm sure that this kind of thing only happens once in ever million years. Today is Holy Thursday and the Spring Equinox. Today is the only day of the year that there will be the exact same amount of sunlight that there is moonlight. From here on out there will be more light than darkness.

I find it really interesting that this day should correspond with Holy Thursday. The day that Jesus washed the feet of his disciples and shared the last supper. Interesting that this event is remembered, this year on the day that a new season is officially here. In many ways, I think we can say, that the last super was the closing of one chapter and the starting of another. It was the first time in the Gospels that we hear Jesus giving his "what will happen to you all when I die" talk to the disciples. It is a dark time. For him, spring has not yet come.
In Spring, we celebrate new life. Bunnies are shagging and eggs are hatching, reminding us that after darkness, winter, the reflection of advent, and fasting of lent, there is new life to be had. We are growing and changing.

It is an odd feeling tonight. Odd that we celebrate the joy of the Earth, yet still reserve the remembrance of the struggles that are still a head. In way this joy of Spring is a good reminder of how the disciples really felt on this night. We see it as the last super. We listen to Jesus prepare for his death. They didn't see it that way. This was a celebration. They were still riding the high of Palm Sunday. They were celebrities and they were feasting with their messiah. It is a good reminder that today is a day of joy. The sorrow comes tomorrow.

On a slightly less related note, but a new beginning all the same, I got a new camera today. The "new battery" idea didn't work. So now, a whole new challenge of photography with a whole new camera.

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