Monday, March 31

The Weekend... *meh*

I never thought I'd say this, but I really wish I had that weekend back!

It didn't start out bad. Alex and I got to semi-sleep in on Saturday because her softball game didn't start until 10:00. The two teams were pretty evenly matched (meaning they could both hit, but their fielding skills are a little off). It's really bad when the crowd cheers because a kid fielded the ball AND manged to throw it to the right person who managed to catch it in time for the out.

Meanwhile I fell pray to the weather people of the world and I actually believed that it was going to rain Saturday afternoon and Sunday. It didn't. It barely even sprinkled. I was afraid it was going to though, so instead of being outside, painting like I should have been I was running errands and cleaning the house. We did get A LOT of junk cleared out of Alex's room and I was able to freecycle a lot of it away so you can't say that the time was wasted. Still, I wish I had been wasting the time painting my car instead of responsibly cleaning the house.

The highlight of the entire weekend had to be Sunday morning breakfast. Alex was eating her Honeycomb cereal and like any bored, kid she was reading the nutrition on the side of the box.

"Vitamin A. Vitamin B. Vitamin B12. Vitamin B7. Vitamin C. Vitamin D. WHAT THE HACK! THERE'S NO SUGAR IN THIS THING!!!!!"
I took the box and looked at it, "No, there's sugar. 10 grams of sugar."
Alex sighed, "Well, thank goodness. I need sugar to get through the day."

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