Friday, April 25

Movin' On Up!

Yes, I have the theme song to the Jefferson's stuck in my head right now, and yes, (thanks to re-runs) I got the chance to be a fan of the Jefferson's as a kid. Anyway, something that I have been so afraid wasn't going to happen is now actually happening. I am moving out of my parents house. I know its pathetic. I'm 25 and I have never lived on my own. People always remind me that my patheticness is not my fault, and maybe its not, but it still feels pathetic. Anyway, I have officially been approved for my apartment. Apartment No.5!!! I got a really cool retro Mickey Mouse table off ebay that is in Tyler, Texas (you have to say that with a twang). ROAD TRIP next weekend! And this morning, I walked outside to take Alex to the bus and the people across from me were having a garage sale. They had a couch. I'm talking it up to people, but the thing is really ugly. I'm not sure why I bought the thing. I have been trying to still one of my parents couches for the past few months, and Anna has offered me Jason's old futon for free, but something about talking my neighbor down to $50 and its mis-matchiness just said, BUY ME! If I'm ever home and awake long enough I will share pictures. It truly is a cute ugly couch. That's the only way I know how to describe it. I think in the early 2000's it was probably called "french country" now I think its more "shabby chic". Well, it might be shabby chic if I got a slip cover for it. Do you have any idea how expensive those things are though? Its things like slip covers that make me wish I could sew.

Anyway, this weekend is trash weekend. I am getting rid of everything so if you find yourself by my house, come on in and take whatever you want.

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