Friday, April 4

New Kids on the Block

New Kids on the Block April 2, 2008, photo byAP Associated Press

Okay, talk about blast from the past! I have been hearing this roomer for awhile, but didn't really think that it could happen. In the day of everything retro though, I'm glad that the guys are back. Yes, all the metal and hair band fans are rolling their eyes right now, but I was a young kid in the 80s and Joey McIntyre (you heard me 'Joe' you will always be Joey to me) was my first crazy celebrity crush. (Before I decided to only have crushes on British guys). Now I can be one of those crazy women you always see going gaga over Donny Osmond or Rick Springfield. Their concert was the first one I ever went to. (I was in 2nd grade?) And I wore that concert t-shirt with pride before it fell apart. I now feel completely vindicated for hanging on to my old Cd's and my (still unopened) Joey doll. *sigh*

Now all we need are the Tiffany and Jonathan rumors to start up and I'll be back in elementary school again.

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