Monday, June 9


Slight hiccups in perfect weekend

*I got a call that they didn't need me to work 8 hours of over time after all. All that extra money gone before I even had a chance to really fantasize about what to do with it. (irritation, not surprisingly 0)
I'm did really want the money and at first I was disappointed. Alex was really disappointed. Her face was priceless. You would have thought I told her we weren't celebrating Christmas anymore. "Why aren't you going to work?" was asked more than once. She got over it though when Anna still came over, even if it wasn't to babysit. I'm starting to get the impression she likes Anna more than me.

*Most sentences now begin with the words "have you seen?"
(Irritation factor 6)
The truth is, all the boxes (save the one with my toys) have been emptied and everything has found a home. I'm shocked to find that I don't have that much crap. I'm also shocked to find how irritating unorganized my daughter is. I know this is my fault. She can't think of a place for anything unless I point to a drawer and say "put this there!" She also can't be bothered to put anything back once its been used.

*The cable guy didn't come.
(irritation factor 9)
We waited at home all day. Between the hours of 8 and 5. The guy was a no show. The company got the apartment number wrong. 5 not 50. They will come again next weekend. Between the hours of 8 and 5. That didn't bother me until I realized that I'm not going to be able to pay by nephews to wait for them. They are both at work camp with church. The one week they decided to do something productive.

*The A's attention span.
(irritation factor 6)
I know its probably my fault, but she never, ever, ever does as she's told the first time of telling. I know we just moved. I know that's disruptive to a small, sensitive child. I know she is about to leave for her father's. But she didn't do it before. Now its worse. Maybe because I don't have TV so I don't have anything distracting me. I think its the Nintendo DS. Summer camp has ruined her. She never played with the thing before. She even lost track of the charger for 4 months meaning she couldn't have played it if she wanted to. Now before I go to work I drop her off in a room that's full of kids who are glued to the screen of the DSs. I tell her to do something, and she looks up, then looks down and just carries on. I swear to God if she keeps up with that thing after she comes home from Hawaii I'm banning from the house.

*My father got a new dog
(irritation factor. irritation doesn't cover it)
I know this dog will be an awesome dog if its trained. I hope that a year from now I will look back at this and laugh. I don't think I will. The irritation isn't so much with the dog as it is with my father. He refuses to train it to do anything because he doesn't want it "spoiled" before he can train it to point bird. (Yes my father hunts and kills birds). That's fine. The dog was breed to point. But for god sakes teach the dog not to bit people. While you are at it house train the thing. Most importantly stop telling mother she shouldn't leave her shoes on the floor. Hitting the dog with a newspaper has to be the most assine thing I have ever seen. Its the only thing my dad does when he decides to pay attention to the dog. It doesn't help. I'm tired of hearing about it from my mom. I'm tired of her having one more thing that makes her life a living hell. I'm tired of the whole thing.

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