Friday, June 20

Today World Refugee day sponsored by UNHCR (I think that stands for United Nations High Commission on Refugees, but don't quote me on that). Anyway I saw an add for it last night as I watched Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List. So I checked it out today. I invite you to check it out too. (You can click the picture above, I figured out how to make it a hyperlink).

If you go from there to their maing page you will find a blurb that listed their "Major Operations" the list was: · Iraq · South Sudan· Chad/Darfur· Afghanistan

As an American I can't help but focus on two of those places. Iraq and Afghanistan. Apparently people live in those countries, they aren't just random war zones. They aren't just empty deserts were we can go to "have it out" with "terrorist" so we can avoid fighting them on "our soil." I heard a report not to long ago on Democracy Now that talked about the problem Sudan was having absorbing all the Iraqis and how people were trying to pressure America to accept more that the handful of people we had agreed to take. We did after all invade them. We are the reason these people are refugees. "That sucks." I thought, but as we so easily do I put it out of my mind. And now that I have gone to that cite this morning and read that list I'm ashamed to say I have done more for the people in Darfur, spoken more about the problems in South Sudan that I have done or even thought about the problems in Iraq and Afghanistan. Today I'm going to do something besides just say, "That sucks."

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