Wednesday, June 4

Race for the Democratic Nomination

Well, its happened. Obama clinched the Democratic nomination. One word comes to mind: FINALLY. As a stanch, not Republican and without any 3rd party contenders this year (sorry Green Party, you couldn't pay me to vote for Cynthia McKinney), I have been paying close attention to the Democratic slugfest primary. I had been seeing the rumblings of Obama supporters breaking out the champagne at the rumors that Hilary was going to bow out last night. A big part of me wanted to believe it. I did, however believe that Obama would declare victory after I saw the AP report that their numbers show he has clinched the nomination. (On a side note, the very fact that we have to say... "the AP numbers say" and "the NBC numbers say" is just a testament to how messed up the Democratic Party's system is.) On a night like last night I can't even believe I'm with out a TV! I missed one of the most pivotal nights in this whole election. Instead, I was forced to read the transcripts this morning.

Where to begin? First off, Hillary Clinton is truly insane. I seriously mean she is genuinely, certifiably, batshit crazy. I can't believe she didn't concede. "I will be making no decisions tonight." That was a WAIT WHAT moment if I ever read one. There is no decision to make, what part of that do you not understand! At a time like this, I honestly have no words to describe how retarded she is making herself look, so I shall quote Willy Wonka, maker of chocolate candies: "It's all there, black and white, clear as crystal! You stole fizzy lifting drinks. You bumped into the ceiling which now has to be washed and sterilized, so you get nothing! You lose! Good day sir!"

I want to like Hillary Clinton, I really do. For one, it would piss my dad off to no end. For another I do believe that there is a certain amount of sexism that has gone on in this campaign, not to mention that whole, "Let's not dwell on race ... You're all racist" thing Barak Obama has fallen into more than once. Despite the fact that I firmly believe that sexism trumps racism every time, and to a certain extent I think some people's love fest they had going on with Barak (yes you Keith Oberman and MSNBC) dealt her a raw deal, at some point one must look at the cards that they were dealt and deal with them. She's not dealing. She's is suffering from a severe case of situational dysmorphia. I'm not sure that I want someone that irrational answering the proverbial 3 am phone call. What amazes me is her supporters are suffering from the same condition. A very good friend of mine (we'll call her B) loves Clinton. She voted for her in the primary and went to the caucus. As I ate lunch with her the other day she actually said, "The media coverage has been so skued." (So far I agree) "One thing comes out about him and its a blurb on the news and then they drop it. Something comes out on her and they just run with it forever." Are you kidding me???? I heard this same line last week from a group that has vowed to vote for Clinton no matter what. Are these people seriously forgetting Rev. Wright? How about his ties to the Underground Weatherman terrorist Robert Ails? How many controversial figures in Clinton's life can I name right off the cuff? None. I know they are out there. I have heard Obama supporters throw out their names on numerous occasions, but I don't remember who they are or what they did exactly. Bill O'Riley has not done nightly segments about them, MSNBC has not done hour long specials explaining who they are, and she has not had to make any special speeches to explain them. Has she said some stupid things she had to apologize for? Yes. But so has Barak.

Speaking of Barak, something I like about the man is his take on politics. He doesn't engage in personal attacks. He doesn't go digging through his opponents past to drag things out that, at the end of the day mean nothing. Show me a perfect person and I will be completely weirded out by them. However, I don't think that necessarily means he'll be a great president. I'm not saying that he won't be, but I'm also not in the "Believe", "Yes We CAN"crowd. I know that Abraham Lincoln was also an inexperienced Senator from Illinois when he was elected, but that doesn't make Obama the next Lincoln. I don't know what that makes him actually. In the words of Spaceballs nemesis Dark Helmet: "I was your father's, uncle's, cousin's roommate in collage" ... "[that makes us] absolutely nothing." I don't know what he really is or what he will really do when he gets into office, and in today's world that isn't comforting or inspiring to me.

Where does that leave me? Holding my nose and voting Democratic come November.

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