Tuesday, July 1

Upside Down and Backwards

I think its a testament to the craziness of the last few days that I am just now realizing that I miss-spelled yourself in the post below. I make no excuses for the fact that I cannot spell. I couldn't spell when I was in first grade and as I have told countless teachers since seventh grade, "I have excepted the limits of my abilities to guess what people were smoking when they made up the spelling of these words so it's not something I'm going to start worrying about now. I hope you realize that there were no standard spellings for things until the 20th century. The human race survived for a long time without it." Honestly. Spelling is new. I'm convinced it was made up to torture little children.

However, I do know that "Yourself" is not spelled "Yuoself". My gut reaction, when I opened the page just now was to change it, but now I'm not going to. I think the typo says something about my state of mind. My job is changing. I'm learning new things. I'm abandoning people I have worked for. I need to do things I told them I would do and haven't. I need to clean my office and get ride of things that I should have put in the file and didn't. I need to learn my new job and be the best IP paralegal they have had. Honestly. If I don't work out on this docket I will probably be fired. I don't want to be fired. I hate my job, but I love my paycheck and my medical benefits. IP is steady work with not a lot of over time. Perfect for a person who values her time more than money.


I have to get back to work.


Jessica said...

I don't know, I'm kind of down with spelling. I mean, my ex the sperm donor spelled so bad sometimes that I didn't even have any idea what he was trying to say. Seriously, I saw him mis spell three letter words. I mean, I don't even know where he was going phoneticly. I really hope that trait wasn't genetic.
That being said, I'm not a perfect speller either. I'm actually, technically, an editor for military publications too. Shhh. Don't tell anyone.

Katy said...

I guess there is a difference between not perfect spelling and being completely illiterate. I have read things written by people that not only have bad spelling, but no grammar or structure so you can't even follow the idea.

Still I have seen people flip out about what was obviously just a typo that the writer didn't catch, like yuorself instead of yourself. That I think is petty and stupid.