Thursday, October 9

That Darn Dog.

Have you ever seen a dog and wanted to take him home? Wanted to rescue him from a fate worse than death? Well, I had that issue this week.

Honestly I don't know if it was the fact it was pouring down rain. Maybe it was the fact I saw him almost get hit by two cars and a bus. Whatever the reason I put a soaking wet dog in the back of my car Tuesday morning and instead of catching the bus to work, I drove back to my apartment and put the dog in the bathroom.

After a change of clothes (because now I was soaked too) I went to work. Distracted I spent most of the day heroically trying to find the dog's owners. No luck. On our way home Alex and I stopped and got the dog a collar and a leash. $17 from Pets Mart. That hurt. I was being to doubt.

Once home we got the collar on him and took him and Gryffindor for a walk. I didn't know what he was, but I knew he was a hyper tarrier. I also knew he was too big for my place. Not to mention that Gryffindor wasn't a fan. A much bigger dog had invaded his space. Wrestled him to the ground. Ate out of his food bowl. It was clear I couldn't keep this dog.

I called Alex's grandmother, Pam. She is a saint with a big backyard and agreed to let him stay the night.

Alex's great grandmother Joy was excited. "Oh, hell, just what we need, another damn dog!" I believe those were her exact words.

Anyway yesterday I left work early, got the dog and Alex and headed for CAP, a near by shelter.

Side bar: Last month I wrote a Sunday School lesson on the Noah's ark theme.
Kids made various food items that Noah would have eaten. And to do something
fun, they made dog biscuits to donate to CAP. The Kids loved it. This week they
are bringing dog and cat food to donate to CAP as well. This irony is not lost
on me.

So, here I am outside the shelter, waiting for the crying women inside to just hurry up and turn over her Yorkie when the rescue angels arrive. Two women, there to foster some dogs that were abandoned outside of CAP earlier that day. As the minutes tick by and I listen as they tell me to not take the dog to CAP, but to keep it until I find the owner, I began to sympathize with the person who abandoned the dogs earlier.

So I say, "I'm not keeping him, but if you want to, be my guest. I agree he has an owner, it's clear by how well behaved and groomed he is."

Neither one of them can, at least not tonight. Figures.

Finally I get to talk with the CAP person who checks, but finds no microchip. I fill out the paperwork while they flip through their big book of "lost" reports. They find a dog that looks kind of like the one I have. Great! The owner! This is perfect!

We call the owner who says "I'm at a function for one of my kids right now, but let me call my husband and see where he is. I'll call you right back."

She hangs up before I can tell her that my daughter, who is standing right next to me, is missing Karate because of her dog. I am out $17 and an hour of personal time because of her dog. I'm not pleased. She called back and said her husband was on his way. So we all wait around and bad the women to kill the time. I guess the wacko rescue angels start to grow on me a little. Yes... a little.

The husband arrives with one of his daughter's. The dog is theirs. They are happy we found him. He gave me $20 to cover the cost of the collar and leash. I'm happy. They take the dog into CAP and get him micro chip. The rescue angels are happy. Everyone is happy. Well, Alex is still depressed about it.

"Its like you said, Alex, Charlie and Lola. That worked out for the best right? And Lola was happy in the end."

"It was nothing like that mom. It was a rabbit and it belonged to a boy, not a girl."

I'm sure the emotional wounds will heal soon enough.

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