Monday, November 3

Here we are. Another changing of the seasons. Another challenge from good old Chrunchy!

So we were challenged to keep the A/C up in the summer. Now that winter is inching our way, the challenge is to keep that heater colder. In fact. I am going to try to never turn the heater on.

Now to be honest, I'm in south Texas. Even though our A/C is completely off at this point, we are still using our ceiling fans to make our space livable. Still, I'm afraid that It will snow this year because I made the no heater pledge. So I'm leaving in a loop-hole. In freezing weather...(I mean real freezing not Houston freezing) I will turn my heater on, but it will not go higher than 58 degrees.

If you want to sign up too.. go to Chrunchy's site...

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