Monday, November 10

That house is worth WHAT!?!

Alex decided she wants a doll house for Christmas. My gut reaction was no. She's 9. How long is she going to play with it? Not to mention the amount of space that we don't have that kind of thing will take up. Still, she really wanted one. After looking at Doll house options I came to several conclusions:

1. All doll houses are expensive.
2. People selling dollhouses on Craig's list need a reality check.
3. New Wooden doll houses are expensive
4. Wooden doll house kits are even more expensive and don't always include everything.

Just when I was thinking that I would turn to my local Freecyclers and start going to garage sales, I thought of something.

My friend Nursecurlylocks has a doll house. She doesn't have a kid. By the time her bun in the oven is old enough to play with the doll house with outchocking on the furniture, Alex will be in middle school. So the best of all worlds has happened.

1. Alex is getting a doll house for Christmas.
2. It will cost me next to nothing. (some furniture/dolls might need replacing)
3. It already has a home to go to when Alex grows up.
4. Nursecurlylocks gets ride of a chocking hazard for a few years.

It doesn't get any more sustainable than that!

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Doll Clothes Gal said...

Great post - doll houses are great fun but can turn out to be expensive.