Thursday, December 11

Freeze Yer Buns Up Date

I finally feel qualified to give an update for this challenge. I turned my A/C off for good in October and in November, vowed not to turn my heater on this winter. Of course, I gave myself a loop hole. If it reached freezing temperatures I would turn the heat on 50 something. (I have to go back and see what I said.) Yesterday it snowed. If you are living in the North you probably would have no appreciation for the not even inch of snow that fell. You would probably be doubled over laughing at our cursing at the thermometer that got down to 30 degrees. I'm not laughing. I'm freezing.
Let me put this in perspective for you. I ware a sleeveless shirt to work on Monday. I had a light sweater to wear around the office, but when I walked outside, the sweater came off. It was in the mid 70s. By Saturday we will be back into the 70s.
Since I know this weather will not last I was still trying to make it with out the heater. I didn't turn on the heat last night. I put Alex in double layers of pjs and her robe. I got out my toasty house socks, and a sweat shirt and snuggled under the covers. We survived.
This morning, at 5:30 it was still below freezing. Laid around waiting for things to get warm. But I caved. I knew there was now way I was going to get dressed in the cold. Forget about Alex even getting out of bed. So I turned the heater on. Set it for 55 and waited. As the house warmed, I got Alex up and took Gryffindor out. It was freezing. When I got back inside I felt like I had walked into an oven.
It is suppose to warm up tonight so I don't anticipate turning the heat on again. But now I know. I'm a Southern wimp.

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