Wednesday, December 17

Freezing and Sneezing

Okay bloggers. This isn't really an update as much as it me just complaining about my cold and the weather.

I have a cold. My head is all stopped up. To make it worse. I know I got this cold from a lawyer. A very obnoxious lawyer who flittered around the office sick all last week, coughing and sneezing on every piece of paper she handed to me. I have felt so bad that I caved yesterday and bought actual medicine. I have been anti-drugs since I was young and forced to swallow cough syrup. But since I was on death's door, Alex and I stopped off at Walgreen's and bought some cold medicine and a box of pink tissues.

Anyway, it is because of this cold and the freaking freezing cold weather outside that I turned the heater on AGAIN on Monday. I was shivering and sneezing and just couldn't handle doing both at the same time. I not only turned it on, I left it on and have been enjoying the warmth of a house heated to 55 degrees ever since.

Now, I know what you are thinking and you are right. I promised to only heat my house when it was freezing outside. I turned off the heater when I left for work this morning and don't expect to turn it on again. Temperatures are suppose to be in the 60s and 70s until Monday and I plan on being well by then.

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