Friday, January 9

The Life of Tea

I walked Gryffindor this morning. As always. I was in my morning rush. Engrossed in my daily "must do before I leave the house" check list. We walked along the side walk. First along the road and then we turned and headed into the "quad". Four interior apartment buildings that form a kind of courtyard around the pool. When Gryfiindor stopped to relieve himself I looked away to give him some privacy. It is then that I saw them. In the open window of a second floor apartment I saw a table where two tea cups were resting. They were facing each other. Like two old lovers holding an easy conversation in a cafe. But the lovers were not there. The work of the day had already called to them. No doubt they were engrossed in their own check lists. They had left their cups to carry on life with out them.

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