Monday, February 9


HEALTH UPDATE: I saw my oncologist today and I am still cancer free, almost 2 years after my last tumor. Gosh time does fly when you are having fun! Now blood tests are every three months instead of every two and I see him again in 6 months. Next month is an MRI. Here's hoping that will be the last one.

UPDATE and Recap: I am sitting in my office. FREEZING MY BUNS OFF! Seriously, I feel like I am in a meat locker. Fortunately for us, its not that cold outside. This winter was crazy. Down here in Texas, it got colder sooner than it ever has before and we had more below freezing days than we have had in years. Still, Alex and I bundled up and got to cuddle under lots of blankets. It wasn't always fun getting out of bed in the morning, but somehow we made it through. I know this summer when I have all my windows open and the fans going, I will look on those winter days with more fondness than I should. Thanks for the challenge Crunchy. I am glad to report that we made it through alive!

NO WASTE CHALLENGE UPDATE: I did pretty well. I have been eating left overs. I will have to confess and say that I threw out one strawberry and some cantaloupe. Alex and I went to Deli one night after her Karate practice. I didn't eat all the fruit that came with the sandwich I ordered so I took it home. Unfortunately I didn't get to all of it before it started to not look "right" so I threw it out. Also we had canned green beans last night. Store brand. And there was something funky about them so I didn't keep them. Maybe I have gotten too used to eating fresh? I'm not sure.

DISNEY UPDATE: If anyone keeps up with entertainment news you will have heard that as of today Disney has the distribution rights for Steve Spielberg's Dreamworks Productions (the live action end of things). Spielberg has done things with the Mouse in the past, including Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The deal will mean that 10 Dreamworks movies will be made for Disney over the next 5-6 years. I'm excited for the possibilities. And, even though the deal doesn't include the animation studios, here's to hoping that this is one step closer to Katzinburg forgiving WDC for Czar Eisner.

BOOK GROUP UPDATE: Movement 2 of Rob Bell's book was interesting. To sum up quickly he was basically talking about how we read the bible. Early in the chapter he talked about how different Rabbi's interpret the scriptures differently. How they "bind and loose" certain things differently at different times in different places. Much like the different Christian denominations. Bell defines "binding and loosing" as "forbidding and permitting." That kind of thing just didn't jive well with me. Maybe its just me and my own issues with the words forbidding and permitting, but I don't go to the bible to see what it is I am allowed to do and what I am not allowed to do. Scripture to me is not a rule book. Bell does touch on that some, but I wish he would go deeper in talking about why. He spends so much time talking about questioning what is forbidden and allowed that he never really gets into talking about reading the bible as a journey of the soul. There are parts where I see glimpses of this. I just wish it had been the main theme. Again it created good discussions.

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