Tuesday, March 17

Odds and Ends ...

Untitled, 1989
Mark Rothko

1. It is still winter. It is St. Patrick's day and I was cold this morning. That is just wrong. I live in Texas. I should be sweating. I should have spent the weekend in shorts with my windows open. Not huddled under a blanket listening to a hail storm.

2. Alex recently commented "I think this is the coldest and longest winter ever in my life time."

3. Alex has gone to see her father in Hawaii. She got on the plane this morning. Now I just hope I make the most of it and do something fun I wouldn't normally do.

4. If you think you have seen less of my photos and more other art work you aren't going mad. Snapfish, has started charging people to download their own pictures. So for me to post a picture that I took with my camera and then loaded onto snapfish will cost me 75 cents. I have taken to trolling the internet and using art until I can sort out a new way to use my pictures while I'm not at my home computer.

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