Friday, March 13

Picture of Depression Era Billboard

My father lost his job yesterday. He worked for a small family owned business and not being one of the family members, he was the first salesman to be let go. This isn't the first time my father has been out of a job. His employment situation was always precarious during my childhood. His achievements in the business world convinced my sisters and I that being your own boss is the worst possible thing that could happen to a person.

Still, my father has always landed on his feet. (Even when it took bankruptcy to get him there). Given what he has been through in the past he is taking the whole thing in stride. Confident that a new opportunity is just around the corner.

I can't help by worry for him though. He as great friends who have always bailed him out. Gave him capital, offered their services for free, bought his business for more than it was worth, and even found him a job. Now what? When most of his friends are retired what jobs to they have to offer? The few that are still working own their own businesses that are in the process of shedding extra workers. I'm afraid he might have to go it alone this time. There is not a lot of demand out there for 65 year olds with no computer skills.

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