Friday, April 3

The Grounding...

After a hectic week of going in to work early and not getting to go home until late, I have found that I completely dropped the ball.

Alex came home on Monday with a list of assignments she needed to make up after her trip to Hawaii.

So the work began. I sat with her and made sure she finished Social Studies. By that time it was late. Oh and she hadn't brought her Language Arts book home so she went to bed. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I was MIA. Locked in the hell that is an labor arbitration by the time I would find my way home each night my brain cells weren't functioning. So I would simply ask, Did you do your work? I didn't check to make sure.

Today I came up for air. I was looking forward to a nice, easy Friday followed by a nice quite weekend. A friend's birthday party and a picnic in the park. Some how, foolishly I realize now, I thought I would check in with Alex's teacher. Make sure what that the assignments that were done were turned in.

Come to find out. No. The Language Arts assignment was not turned in. Not done. She lied. To me and her teacher. Now she has a 0 in the grade book. Nice. How wonderful. Now she is grounded. No party, and I can't picnic in the park. This also means a weekend of cleaning. I'm sure that the weather will be fabulous and I will be stuck in the house, supervising torture. Brilliant.

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