Wednesday, May 6

Evil to Him Who Evil Thinks

Micheal Savage is threatening to sue the British Government. I never thought I would say this, but I agree with him. I have to admit, that when they announced the list of people band from entering the UK because of their extremest views and 'hate speech' I was really disappointed. While I have never been to the United Kingdom, I do love the culture. They have a fascinating history and smartest sense of humor. They also have a great tradition (since the Magna Carta) of political tolerance. It is where people like Marx and Lenin went to hang out after being kicked out of their own home countries. So why wasn't it front page news when the "Ban list" started in 2005?

I have to say, its all very disturbing. It is the classic illustration of the proverbial slippery slop. One day you are banning skinhead murderers and Islamic gehadist and the next day you are banning radio talk show personalities that you don't agree with. Now I'm not going to sit here and defend everything Savage has to say. The man is nuts. But a threat to society? Hardly.

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Anna said...

I recently heard a commentator on the BBC news radio talking about the French v. British v. American view of freedom of speech.

French are super controlling.

Americans allow people to say any offensive thing, including rascist things. INSANITY.

British probably have it "about right" said the commentator. We have freedom of speech -- but not if it's rascist or redicules another's religion...

I think this illustrates the slippery slope that the commentator failed to realize the Brittish embark upon when they begin to control speach in the way that they do -- the road to hell...