Friday, July 17

Buy Nothing Challenge

Buy Nothing Challenge - August 2009

I guess it's that time of year again because Chrunchy is hosting another Buy Nothing Challenge. Just in time too because I'm broke right now. I had to cough up the money to pay off the rest of our Disney trip that is coming up in September, plus air fair. Ugh.

Anyway, the hate I feel for shopping has always helped me to avoid buying things. In the past my biggest weaknesses have been books and eating out. Moving across the street has helped curb the book addiction, but I still eat out more that I should. So I am going to try really hard to not eat out at all in August. No resturuants and no fast food.

To be clear here are the rules as Churnchy posted them:

* No new clothes
* No new gadgets
* No new furniture or housewares
* No salon services
* No makeup
* No tools
* No whatever the hell else people buy

If there is something you just have to have, you can borrow, barder or buy second hand.

For more information, or if you want to join in you can find Crunchy Chicken's Challenge here.

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