Saturday, August 8

Buy Nothing Update

Buy Nothing Challenge - August 2009

Its time for my first buy nothing update. I have done quite well.

Purchases so far this month (beside basic living needs)

Donuts as payment for kid watching services = $3
Dinner from McDs the night I had to work late = $7.48
Disposable razors (that's a whole other post) = $8.19

That's it! Three things. I didn't include meals where I ate out, but didn't pay, which is probably cheating. So I will just confess right now that I had lunch on Saturday and Monday with friends. So while I didn't buy anything on these two occasions, purchases were made on my behalf. I know that's walking on the edge of the rules, but it was for the Greater Good! Promise.

What I would be buying right this second if not for this challenge... COMIC CON EXCLUSIVE FIGURES: WONDER TWINS AND GLEEK! These are possibly the coolest toys made since the Goonies figures! They come in talking boxes, when their fist are united they say, "Wonder Twin Powers Activate!" and other such iconic phrases. Nothing exemplifies the wonderful cheesiness of the Super Friends better than the Wonder Twins duo and Gleek, is thrown in as a bonus. I was thinking of calling this one a "pre-challenge" buy since my friend who went to Comic Con was suppose to pick some up (but didn't stand in line long enough). Alas, my only hope is eBay now. I can only imagine how crap it is going to be to try to get the trio once the month is out, but I'm going to try to hang in there. I am going to try to rest temptation.

(Geek Out.. Zan even comes with a Pal of Water! Classic!)

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