Monday, September 21

Blessing of the Beatitudes

I wish I could take credit for it, but in all honestly I was in such a "why the fuck am I teaching Sunday School when my plane landed at 10:00 last night" haze that the only thing I clearly remember saying yesterday was "....Beatitudes is a fancy name for Blessings. This is part of Moses' Sermon on the Mount. No, not Moses, God... no wait.... it was Jesus." Yeah, I was with it.

But somehow, through my cleaver use of bubble gum and remote control cars, at the end of the lesson, when I gathered the screaming monkey children in a circle and asked them what they learned, one of them said this... "That there are road blocks in life and you have to decide what you are going to do." Then another one said this... "Sometimes what you do might help or hurt someone else. And you should try to help other people and not hurt them." Then another said... "If everyone tries to do the best thing for everyone and not just them, everyone can be happier." The heavens were parting. I could hear the course of angels singing sweetly in the background. Just when I was starting to think I was hallucinating one very sweet, hyperactive boy just had to add... "I learned that crashing a remote control car into the wall is fun." Thanks for pinching me kid.

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Iota said...

I think that is a valid life lesson too!