Thursday, September 10

Disney's Animal Kingdom,
Walt Disney World
photo by Katy 2008

I can't believe we leave on Saturday for our next trip to the World. I went through my pictures this morning, looking for a great shot of Cinderella's Castle and I found this one. Disney is one of the few places (if not only) where I carry my camera around. Its out and ready at all times. I'm not a picture taker... most of the time, because it brings you out of the experience and narrows your focus. Most of the time, that is a bad thing.

Be honest, this picture looks like something out of National Geographic. I could probably change the caption to say this was taken in Nepal and no one would be the wiser. But I can tell you where I was when I took this. I was standing outside a restaurant waiting for them to call our names to be seated. I was right next to a middle age women in a hot pink tank top, white shorts, and a purple fanny pack. There were people, not five yards away waiting at to order food from a quick service counter and just across the path, there was a retired couple chatting with a Cast Member who was manning her little stand that sold spray bottle fans.

I don't know why, but the fact that all these people can exist in a place that, when the picture is taken right, can be mistaken for Nepal makes me chuckle. The fact that so much has gone into creating this illusion and that I go there for no other reason than to just have fun, makes me smile. And now the day of departure is so close I can feel the anticipation flowing through my veins.

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