Friday, September 4


I've been weighing the idea of quiting my job and going to seminary. WhenI tell people that, they want to know if you plan on getting ordained. I guess its the logical conclusstion. I just don't see it. I can't invistion myself as an ordained minister. I don't like instatutions that much. I don't like people that much.

Why I would never want to work for the church:

I think it is safe to look at the church (post Constantine) as a bastion of superstition, corruption, and reaction. The traditional language of religion is now forever broken, this new world of modernity has no reliable precedents to guide it; institutional religion is too busy preserving its identity to have anything meaningful to say.

Why I would never leave the church:

I have a real desire for a new expression of our faith that can only be dreamed of by new voices as they begin to work within the church and within the community. Yet, to be authentic, new expression is never entirely new. It is my belief that one cannot legitimately speak of the Christian faith without echoing the language and traditions of those who have came before.
Still, only a person who is dissatisfied with not only the language of the church, but also the path of the church itself, can alter that church. On the one hand moving towards something new and opposing the continuation of that which is dangerous, painful, and inhuman in the church and its language, and on the other hand repeating what already exists. New meaning must evolve out of language and traditions that are familiar. Transformation only occurs in the politics of the church through the evolution of its own understanding. When the doctrines and traditions of the historical church are allowed to evolve to their logical conclusions, the true love of Christ is freed from the bounds of religion and allowed to transform our understanding of the world.

I still don't like the way that reads. Its too obtuse. I just can't think of a better way to say that and not get off on a tangent.


JWebb said...

well said, K.

Anonymous said...

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