Thursday, October 29

Hi My Name is Katy...

... and I'm a Walt Disney World addict. I know what I said a few months ago (that it would be a long time before I planed another trip). I know what I thought while I was down there.... (I can point people to the nearest restroom from any point in all four parks... I'm scaring myself). I want to go to Seattle. I want to see Yellowstone. I want to hike in the middle of nowhere Utah. I want to see a Broadway show On Broadway. I want to see the Prince Edward Island I have read about in books. I want to go to the United Kingdom and Norway and Nepal. I know, I know, I know this! And yet... when I got a pin code in my e-mail box yesterday offing 40% off my next trip (almost anytime of the year).... I jumped on it.

I called my friend, the Disney Travel agent, and asked her if she could hook me up. (When your on a first name basis with a travel agent that deals only in Disney and lives in New Jersey ... you have problems. BIG problems.)

I just. Can't help it. Really. I feel like the fat kid in a candy shop right now. Who needs to go to the mecca of conspicuous consummation once a year? Me. Me the girl who frets over reusable bags and cloth napkins and is trying hard to make everyone of her Christmas presents by hand with repurposed, recycled materials. I want to rip my hair out, and jump on a plan for Orlando.

photo by katy - Cinderella's Castle, Magic Kingdom 2009

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Violets are Blue said...


I've been following your blog and really enjoy your outlook on life and photography. It's cool to know more about who I'm worshipping with in contemplative.

We went to Disneyworld last Thanksgiving and I think about our trip almost every really is a magical place!

See you in the Chapel, Lori