Tuesday, November 10

Random Thoughts of the Morning...

1) To guy on the bus who was listening to 80s techno - you really need to turn your Walkman ipode iphone down. I could hear every song you blasted out of your headphones ear buds. You will go deaf soon. I promise.

2) To the women on the street talking on the phone (or to yourself, I couldn't tell) - you used the word persnickety. Thanks. Its a great word. Rolls off the tongue and really gets to the meat of things. Its been ages since I last heard persnickety used in a sentence. Thank you for reminding me of it.

3) Alex and I watched Dr. G Medical Examiner last night. She did an autopsy of a women who, it turns out, died of complications from Graves disease. For the first four seasons of House, every patient was thought to have Graves. None of them did. I was beginning to wonder if I would ever see anyone correctly diagnosed with the autoimmune disorder. Now I have.

4) Those commercials (I'm not sure which store its for) that invite people to bring in their old Christmas lights, WORKING or not, to get a discount on new LED lights really annoy the heck out of me. Sure, LEDs use less energy, but does that make up for the energy used in producing new lights to replace ones that AREN'T broken? I seriously really doubt it. I think the government should regulate the word "green", in the same vain as the phrase "low fat".

5) I was watching BBC America this morning and saw a report that Parliament is considering increasing the minimum sentence for knife murders from 15 to 25 years. Apparently, if you kill a person with a gun the minimum sentence is 30 years. I find the whole scenario amazing. The fact that you could be sentence based on what you killed with. Why is murdering someone with a gun worse than murdering them with a knife?

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Iota said...

Persnickety. Yes, it's a fun word.