Wednesday, November 25

Tis the Season to Buy

Wal-mart's new tag line this season has been: "Wal-mart - More Holiday for Less"

Alex had a really good question about that the other night.

"How can a store give you 'more holiday?' Holiday's don't come from stores! Haven't these people seen, like... ANY Christmas movies AT ALL?"

I would pat myself on the back and declare my child a young non-consumer except that last weekend I heard her whispering to my mom.

"Grandma, we need to go shopping one day. Its almost Christmas and we need to buy stuff. Not this weekend though, I'm busy."

Speaking of... this Friday is National BUY NOTHING day.

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Jo said...

Good post...!!!

In Canada we have a chain store called "Canadian Tire". It's sort of like Costco.

Canadian Tire's motto is "Give like Santa, save like Scrooge".

Whatever happened to Christmas? How did it get hijacked by the merchants.

Bah, humbug! *heh*