Friday, January 22

Monorail and Space Ship Earth
Epcot, Walt Disney World
Katy 2009


Jo said...

Katy, I have just been reading over some of your blog posts, and your blog is wonderful...! You are a good writer, and your topics are varied. I get so tired of the same old blogs, with the same old photographs, and the same old boring recipes, yada, yada. The world needs to find your blog.


Eddie Bluelights said...

Hi Katy,
It is difficult finding new blogs which are so good that we want to return over and over. I am so pleased I found your's because it is beautifully written and your posts cover a wide variety of interesting subjects. Is there anywhere I can sign as a follower?
I shall make a note of your blog and return as often as I am able - is that OK? Best wishes ~ Eddie

Teacher's Pet said...

Great shot! I got a Nikon last summer and am enjoying learning how to use it. This is a lovely photograph.
I like the style of writing (your Thursday post...) I've just discovered your blog....and I hope you don't my returning.
Smiles to you from Jackie

Katy said...

Thank you all for your wonderful comments. Don't think all my posts are briliant. I just post what comes to mind, and my thoughts aren't always great.

To Jackie, I have a Kodak point and shoot digital camera. I don't take a lot of pictures unless I'm on vacation so most of what I post is from Disney World. I'm not a real photographer I just wait and try to get lucky with the right light/angel (and then let photo editing do the rest).