Monday, February 1

This is Not a Post

It was fun seeing so many comments on my blog this morning. For that I say thank you to all who wondered over from Jo's blog and commented and all of you who wondered over and didn't say anything. And thank you Jo for the wonder complements! And now I feel like I should write something. Really I should update my blog.

But I slept through my alarm this morning (or I have no memory of turning it off).

I got to my regular stop in time to catch the last morning bus downtown, only to find I had left my wallet at home.

I arrived at work 40 minutes late to find that all of my attorneys arrived early for once.

I worked through lunch.

I left the office at 8:30pm.

I picked my daughter up from my parent's house at 9:00pm.

I completed an application for a new job at midnight.

My brain is done.

I'm off to bed.

1 comment:

natural girl said...

You are awesome! I just got up got dressed and mooched around the house.