Monday, February 15

It will be Summer-eventually

by Emily Dickinson

It will be Summer-eventually.
Ladies-with parasols-
Sauntering Gentlemen-with Canes-
And little Girls-with Dolls-

Will tint the pallid landscape-
As 'twere a bright Bouquet-
Tho' drifted deep, in Parian-
The Village lies-today-

The Lilacs-bending many a year-
Will sway with purple load-
The Bees-will not despise the tune-
Their Forefathers-have hummed-

The Wild Rose-redden in the Bog-
The Aster-on the Hill
Her everlasting fashion-set-
And Covenant Gentians-frill-

Till Summer folds her miracle-
As Women-do-their Gown-
Or Priests-adjust the Symbols-
When Sacrament-is done-

I am so sick of cold wind and wet shoes. Yesterday was so nice I wore a t-shirt while I walked my dog sans umbrella. The sky was so blue I was almost tricked into thinking this whole Winter phase had passed. I was wrong. By the time night fell temperatures had dropped 25 degrees in just under 30 minutes. This morning I awoke to a reading of 34 on the thermometer. Who are these people who love the cold and wet? What terrible events transpired in their childhoods to make them feel joy with the world is inhabitable? It may be fun to listen to the rain while you curl up under a nice warm blanket, reading and sipping tea. It just plan sucks when you have to get out of bed, dress in the cold and wait for the bus in a never ending shower. Seattle, I don't envy you. Mexico City... wish I was there.


The Bug said...

We've got snow. Again. Sigh. At least my feet don't get WET in the snow.

Jo said...

We have magnolias blooming in Vancouver, and tulips, daffodils, Japanese plum trees, irises, gosh ... so much more ... and it's the winter Olympics. *sigh*

BTW, I LOVE your new avatar. It is one of my favorite Edward Hopper paintings, and I have a print of it in my house. Small world. :-)

natural girl said...

I am one of those people.
In my defense NZ ( or at least the part where I live ) doesn't get super cold. Today for instance there has been a fine drizzle all day and I find it cosy.
Humidity is another thing altogether:( If you're cold you can always put more clothes on (or curl up under a
But when you are hot ( and generally sticky) once you've stripped down to your skin thats as far as you can go!! and often you're still hot!!

Katy said...

Natural Girl - Here in South Texas we are used to high humidity and high temperatures. Its not suppose to freeze. I just bought socks this weekend for the first time in years.

Jo - Glad you like the avatar, I think it was time for a change. Hopper is one of my favoriates.