Saturday, February 27


I have been meaning to post about the Olympics for well... since they started two weeks ago. And to thank Jo over at A Majority of Two on my blog. THANKS JO! for picking me as the winner of your plush MukMuk, the almost mascot. (Pictured above, standing on my purple desk).

I really am a sucker for a good back story. I think that's one reason why I love Disney theme parks, and obscure comic book characters so darn much. Anyway, he's a rare Vancouver Island marmot who loves to cheer for his friends, the real mascots. Honestly I think the only reason why he didn't get to be a mascot is he's an actual animal and not a freaky hybrid. We have loved having this little guy around. He has even been on TV! Alex, her school's Olympic correspondent, featured him in a special segment, "Meet the Almost Mascot".

If you are looking for a way to waste a good hour on a mindless on-line game you can play with MukMuk here.


Jo said...

There is a movement afoot here to make MukMuk an actual mascot, because -- who knew! -- he is the most popular mascot. *heh* Everyone loves MukMuk.

Katy said...

He's the cutest one!