Friday, February 19

Ordinary Time

Today was just an ordinary day. I got out of bed with plenty of time to shower, brush my teeth and walk the dog. My daughter managed to find shoes that wouldn't alarm her teachers or move strangers to offer to buy her a new pair.
We went to work and school safe in the knowledge that an American had won the men's figure skating competition and the snowboard half pike and the women's down hill ski. Is it just me or does the Olympic medal race mean less and less now that the cold war is over? Earlier this week the Americans beat the Chinese at hockey, 12 to 2. They may own our economy, but we still kicked their ass on the ice.
It was Peanut M&M Friday at the office, and the military has re branded our war. Its no longer Operation Iraqi Freedom. Now its Operation Dawn. In other sports news Tiger Woods reminded us that his life may be falling apart, but he still has a brand to protect. There are a lot of people counting on him for their paycheck. Least we forget, he's human.
At four o'clock Alex is off the bus and eating ice cream with my mother when she calls to ask about dinner. Pizza? No, dinner with my friend and her baby who is almost one. We live five miles apart and haven't seen each other in a month. Babies grow fast, not like kids who seem to just evolve over time. I miss babies. I miss having someone small enough to hold in my arms. But I don't miss the bottles or the dipper bags filled with toys. I much prefer the ten year old who can sit and listen while we talk in code about things she will understand within the year.
Ten is a good age, but tonight I did regret that I have lost the 4 year old that could laugh with me while I danced to Vanilla Ice singing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle rap. I would trade those rolling eyes for dimpled cheeks any day of the week. Even if she is too cool for me she is not too cool to fall asleep on the couch before the movie ends. Ten thirty is still late to her.

It was an ordinary day for the world, for childhood. So we carried on just like always, too smart for our own good.


Russell said...

I saw your avatar on Jo's (Johanna's) blog.

The original of that painting, Chop Suey, by Edward Hopper, is currently at the Des Moines Art Center. It's home is in Seattle.

I made a special trip to see this work and it is one of his best. Hopper is one of my favorite painters.

You should ask Jo (Johanna) about this painting sometime....!

Jo said...

*heh* I already told Katy about that wonderful painting...! That painting is very special to me.

It's a small world, and great minds think alike.

And yes, kids grow up too fast. I have a littel ten year-old in my life, and she will be 11 in a few days, and then 14 and then 16...! Nooooo!