Tuesday, April 6

Conversation of the day...

Me: I want to get one of those straw hates for the next time I work in the garden to keep the sun away.

Mom: You can use one of your father's baseball hates.

Me: I don't think those do a good job of keeping the sun off your neck. Plus, I like the look of those big straw hates. There is something special and romantic about them. I can be an English lady in her rose garden, or a Southern bell growing her tomatoes.

Mom: Good lord child, you're going to be 80 before you turn 30! No wonder you can't find a boy to marry you.

Yes, I'm sure that there is just an ocean of young men sitting around thinking, "I would love to Check Spellingask Katy out, but that hat she's thinking about maybe getting is just not my style."

Or is this the best conversation of the day?

I have learned that my sister called my mother this morning to see how my daughter was feeling about the big standardized test she is taking today. My mother informed my sister that, actually she has no idea because we didn't go by there this morning. My sister promptly freaked out. "Do you think Katy even took Alex to school this morning?"

Honestly people? I have to be at my bus stop at 7:40 am which means, the 10 year old has to be at her school by 7:30 am. We do not make social calls to her grandparents house at the crack of dawn. I think the sister who has forbidden me from even calling her house prior to 9:00 am on weekends might possibly understand, but no.


Violets are Blue said...

To be filed under "when help isn't helpful"?

With this morning conversations, I wonder if you've been provided with some kind of chart to make it through every day. Feed & water Alex? check. Brush & floss? check. Supermom cape? check, check.

Katy said...

Yes. Unhelpful help. Perfect discription of the whole thing.