Thursday, April 22

To the Earth on Her Day

I remember, as a child, dusting off large albums filed with family photographs. I would sit with my mother and listen as she would try and guess just what or who the picture was of. This morning, as I began my post of Earth Day I turned on my computer and scrolled through the images on the screen. I played the same game in my head. Where was that? What year? I have dated the pictures below, but to be honest, anything older than last year I'm not sure of. I'm not testifying to those dates in court.
The second thing I thought of, as I looked at pictures of mountains and animals, and one large tree with thousands of carvings was the manipulation of it all. I love Walt Disney World because of the unrealistic environment it brings us, but at the same time, as I look at those photographs on this Earth Day I couldn't help but morn the way we humans have manipulated the Earth. I might mistake the picture I have of Everest for the real thing, if I didn't already know that it is just a roller coaster made from steal. That Tree of Life? Its concrete. Those leaves are plastic. I decided not to post those images, to instead offer you pictures of real flowers, real animals. I have left one pumpkin. Its real. But it is growing down from the ceiling instead of up from the ground and as you can see, the little guy is earning its ears. Take some time today to remember that we live on a planet filled with more than just buildings, freeways and parking lots.
Epcot, 2007

Backyard, 2008

The Land
Epcot, 2009

Epcot, 2009

Animal Kingdom, 2008

Epcot, 2006


The Bug said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm glad our parking lot at work is landscaped, so we have grass & flowers & trees (and Canadian geese - heh). Makes it a little more palatable.

I'm thinking of making an earth day resolution this year, but I don't know what...

Katy said...

I think the most lasting "green" changes I have made have been to buy things with less packaging and turning the heat down and A/C up.

A good book to read might be Sleeping Naked is Green. Its one bloggers story of how she made one green change a day for a year. While parts of the story annoyed me, I think the author does a good job of presenting the challenge of "going green" from a non-hippie perspective.