Friday, May 14

Your Opinion is Important to Us...

As you can see I am playing with my blog. I'm afraid that it has become too purple. I love purple. Purple is the best color ever invented. In the Middle Ages people literally died making the color purple, its that cool. But I'm afraid the purple makes the blog hard to read. Do you agree? Please leave your opinions in the comments section of this post. Any ideas on how to quickly and effortlessly change the look of my blog are welcome.

On a random note, I grew up listening to old recordings of old radio shows, The Shadow being one of my favorites. I found some recordings of old program while I was at the library the other day. They don't make them like they used to folks.

Quote of the day:

Sometimes justice isn't served because people know things and they don't
talk... They know things they don't know they know so they don't say them. They
don't say them and Justice is lost. You can bring justice to this case by
telling me what you know. Oh, its not what you know you know. Its what you never knew you know that will set justice free.

~The Shadow, 1939 written and performed by Orson Wells.


The Bug said...

LOVE the purple! I don't find it hard to read at all.

I wish someone could find what I don't know that I know so I can do what's right :)

Land of shimp said...

But I adore purple. It gives me a lift whenever I see it, and I love Hopper too, so as far as I'm concerned, you are hitting all sorts of home runs!

Actually, aside from my purple loving ways? I like the color scheme because white text can be VERY challenging to read if you have any sort of astigmatism (even corrected) and the purple somehow makes it easy to process visually.

*sweeps off in Fedora, mumbling about what lurks in the hearts of men!*