Tuesday, June 22

The Valley of Mindlessness....

I feel as if my brain was fried in Florida. I'm suppose to be coming up with all kinds of intelligent things to say this Saturday when I lead art as prayer and so far, I have nothing. I'm stuck thinking about these pictures of people waiting 16 hours just to get into the Harry Potter themed LAND. Check out these photos via wdwmagic.com. This is not a line for a ride. This is a line to get into a section of the Universal Studios Island of Adventure Park. Once you get through this line you will get to walk around in shops, order something to drink, use the restroom... oh and get in line for one of three rides. Fun huh? I don't think I was ever more happy to NOT be in a theme park than when I saw these photos. And I thought our visit to Disney Hollywood Studios for the last day of Star Wars Weekend was insane. I know I love theme parks, and I honestly can't wait to see the new Harry Potter Land, but I also hate crowds. If you travel with me, you know I will do all things possible to avoid crowds.

Is there a way to parlay my anti-hot-sticky-crowd sentiment into actual productive thought? If you have any ideas I would love to hear them.

I can't even pull my mind away from this insane line thing long enough to write a proper review of Toy Story 3. I will say that Toy Story 3 is brilliant and amazing. A fine end to the series of stories that started fifteen years ago. Pixar, unlike any other studio just knows how to make quality films. I have heard Disneyites compare the completion of this trilogy to the first three Star Wars and on that count I say, no... its better. I have also heard them say that this trilogy is right up there with Lord of the Rings, and to that I say... you're insane. I'm sorry. I love me some Disney/Pixar, but I don't see how you can compare the depth of New Zealand photography and story of Lord of the Rings to Toy Story with a straight face. I just don't.

I will say that with the Lamp's release of this film, they have shown that it is possible to create a perfect trilogy of films about an original series of characters. Toy Story, Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3 are of a quality that rises above the rest and also shows that it is possible to create a trilogy/series of films that don't loose story or artistic value in the all mighty quest to make the all mighty dollar.

Now, I'm not ready to say that the third Toy Story is better than the second (my favorite), but it is defiantly on par with the first. Its too early for me to wrap my head around it being better than the others, but it is the best movie I have seen so far this year, it deserves to be nominated for best picture (not just best animated), and I could deem it the best Toy Story movie after a few more viewings and the passage of time. Go see this one in theaters. The opening sequence alone is worth it. And just a tip, if you do stay until the end... make sure you bring your handkerchief, you'll need it.

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The Bug said...

I have no comment to any of that :)

I used to like going to theme parks, but now I'm old & crotchety & probably hate sticky sweaty crowds even more than you do.

I haven't seen any of the Toy Story movies - I know! Sacrilege! No small people in my life, I guess - & Dr. M & I have pretty much quit going to theaters. I might look for it when it comes out on DVD though.

For some ideas on art as prayer, maybe you should check out my friend Anne's blog (Altar Ego at Reverent Irreverence on my side bar). She went to an icon-writing workshop last week where they were copying this icon, but being prayerful in the process. Pretty interesting stuff.

For someone with nothing to say I sure am mouthy!