Wednesday, August 18

Importance of Words

I have become increasingly uneasy with the prevailing conversations in the public domain. I have become increasingly uneasy with the knee jerk reactions, generalizations and simplifications.

Language is more than a means of communication. Words carry special potency. What is spoken, names what is really present. In the traditions of North American Indians, words and their sounds are born in the breath of the being from whom they proceed. Breath is a life principal - words are sacred and must be used with care and responsibility. They are enhanced by the understanding that breath comes from within in us, from within our spiritual center. Even an unspoken thought has potency and potential.

In the Christian tradition, the Gospel according to John tells us that the Word was with God. God said, let there be... and then there was. The Word was made flesh. Word is life. The languages of antiquity are rooted in passion. Over time many cultures have become disconnected from the passionate roots of their language. Perhaps we have become disconnected from our human experience.

In the traditions of the East it is widely believed that the word/sound "ohm" is the seed of the universe and the seed of all creation that can be heard reverberating in all life forms. Practically all religions, over time have come to find the sacred through sound. Whether it be with chants, calls to worships or corporate prayers the common thread has been the discovery of the sacred through spoken words.

Language usage is the reflection of our consciousness. What we say is of the utter-most importance. What we say matters. Words become solid. Become flesh. We are manifestations of our thinking patters. Harsh words can only translate into harsher realities. Sooner or later we must realize that we are liable for what and how we speak.


Iota said...

I love this post. I really really love this post.

Alissa said...

As someone who makes part of her living through the use of words, I couldn't agree more. Words have power, and like any power it can be used for good and it can be misused.

Jo said...

Very true...! Speak in haste, repent in leisure.

I love language. There are many different ways to say things -- some kind, others not so kind. I work with someone who does not know how to choose her words kindly, and people try to avoid her. I don't think she realizes why...

Great post. :-)