Monday, September 13

I love ....

  • I love that I live in a place where I feel safe. - Living next door to the fire station where the village police refuel their cars will give you that (perhaps false) sense of security.
  • I love that my daughter has a lot of people who love her. - So many that I had to explain to four different people why they couldn't babysit for me on Saturday.
  • I love that my entire family gathers at my parent's house for dinner every Sunday night. - They drive me insane, but its nice to start the week with them.
  • I love that I have an hour of gilt-free reading time on the bus every day. - And eccentric passengers to talk about later.
  • I love that life is simple at this moment, and that I am learning to see God in this too.


Land of shimp said...

What a lovely list to have compiled, Katy :-) It's incredibly important to remember the wonderful things we have in our lives.

I particularly appreciated that you named feeling safe in your neighborhood. It's something that's often take for granted, and it really is such a boon to life. Just having the security makes it easier to relax and find ways to be happy.

The Bug said...

I feel that way about our neighborhood too (mostly because of our informal "neighborhood watch" of retirees keeping an eye on our place).

I wish I could take a bus to work. That's what I liked about school - I always took the bus, even up through my senior year - & I did my homework & read books - it was great! Although I do listen to audio books, so that's good.

Katy said...

Alane - Feeling safe is an awesome luxary that I'm so glad I have. Your right, there are so many other things I can care about when I don't worry about my basic saftey.

Dana - I sometimes wish I had time to listen to audiobooks! I mean there are just some books that I think would be more fun to hear than to read, but since I don't get to spend that much time in my car, and I don't have a CD player in my own, it just never seems like an option.

Single and Sane said...

I love this post!

Margaret =)

Alissa said...

Great list. I think we should all make a list every once in awhile!