Tuesday, October 5

Just for Fun


The Bug said...

That WAS fun :)

Land of shimp said...

Aw! Way to evoke a smile, Katy. I particularly love the picture of Dumbo. There's an ad on the TV where a couple looks at prices for Disney, deciding they could afford that, as they do? Dumbo -- CGI rendered, so he looks like he's taken flight from the ride -- flies ever closer with another couple of Dumbo-like elephants in tow!

So fun. Impossible not to smile. It's very important to remember to still be a kid sometimes.

Also, looking through the posts I've missed? It seems I am the only woman alive who is immune to the charms of Colin Firth. He's cute but...

Yeah, I just don't swoon for the fellow :-) You'll have do double-duty for us both then ;-)