Tuesday, November 30

In Recovery and Getting Better...

Apparently one can suffer from a massive cold and yet live to tell the tale. I was feverish and snot filled, but thanks to God, NyQuil and triple layered lotion filled Kleenex I am slowly on the mend. My brain is unstuffing.

I spent the weekend in the Texas hill country. I spent the weekend drunk and freezing like a bunch of hobos. It was a glorious country Thanksgiving compete with a small town hayride past the county court house decked out in Christmas lights. all rides end at the bar, the one place in town where a family can get warm. Meed and cider on tap for all the freezing hobos.

And now I'm back in the city and, as stated, I have started my new job. Its the kind of thing I really wanted for now. Something where I can come to work and leave and the whole thing is relatively stress free. That's not say that I don't think it will all be easy, I just know that it stuff that I can do, or learn to do and the people I am working with really want to work with me and not against me, which is refreshingly nice. Did I mention that I get to wear jeans on Fridays? And that there is an option for a "compressed work schedule"? Yes my friends, life is an option at this new place of business.


The Bug said...

That sounds like a fun Thanksgiving - we drove the car around Dr. M's hometown courthouse, but it's not the same as a hayride. I'm glad you're feeling better. Your new job sounds great!

Jo said...

Katy, congratulations on both counts - getting better and getting a new job...!

We wear jeans on Fridays too.

I have been too busy to do much blog visiting lately... *sigh*