Tuesday, February 1

Freeze Your Buns Off

I haven't really blogged about Crunchy Chicken's annual Freeze Your Buns Off challenge this year. Its hard to write about your freezing buns when its 60 degrees outside. Oh its dipped into the freeze zone once or twice this year, but mostly late a night and I haven't had to turn my heater on - except a few times in the early early mornings. In short is has been nothing like the insanely cold, insanely long winter we endured last year.

Tonight is different. This morning it was 72 degrees when I walked out my door, 68 degrees when I first sat down at my desk and 39 when I ate my lunch. According to NPR is now 27 degrees with a wind chill of 8. It might snow on Friday.

There are few people on my floor who have recently moved here from Belgium (and yeah I can't fathom having to leave the beauty of Brussels to live in our little arm pit). They can't get over our weather. I had to laugh when one guy explained it to me like this, "I just don't understand how you Americans do things. In Belgium we have winter and cold comes a bit at a time and stays for months. Its not like how you have winter that comes in the middle of the day and then its over."

Yes we Americans are odd in the way we do our weather. I wonder if we could petition our city counsel to out law drastic temperature drops within the city limits, or is that a state or federal issue?

Its annoying when the temperature drops in the middle of the day. It happens her enough that I don't find it shocking, but its not the norm. I think I would much prefer the Belgium way of having the cold come a bit at a time even if I wouldn't want it to stay for months on end.

At any rate I am bundled up in my over sized sweats and fuzzy socks. The heater is turned up to 50 and I'm ready for some hot coco.

Happy Winter Everyone!

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The Bug said...

Tell your Belgian collegues to move to Ohio - that would be more like what they're used to :)

I spend a very cold January day in 1987 in the airport in Brussels. My flight had been diverted from London because of snow & we all sat around the airport until they could fly us back to London. What a way to start my missionary journey!