Thursday, April 28

April has come and gone....

Here it is, just two day left in April and looking over my shoulder I'm not quite sure where all those other days went.

This month, Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. We all waved palm branches, morned his death and celebrated his resurrection. Meanwhile my daughter celebrated her twelfth birthday. Twelve is the last year of childhood, the time of coming of age novels, so one can understand the excitement that comes with being twelve. Though for my daughter this birthday meant one thing, riding in the front seat of my car. It's a good thing she didn't ask for too much else.

Yes, there was a flurry of activity this month, but the skies did not bring April showers to Texas. There have been wild fires to the north of our buyou and our grass has turned from a lush green to a crunchy brown. We had so much rain this fall that I think we all got a little over confident and tricked ourselves into believing that with enough humidity we could all avoid death, but we can't avoid the patterns that keep the circle of life circling.

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The Bug said...

I've been trying REALLY HARD to push all our rain your way but apparently I'm not having any luck - sorry!