Friday, May 13


I got really excited the other day when I was watching FOX NEWS of all networks and they cited a poll that shows 59% of Americans think we should leave Afghanistan now that Osama Bin Laden is dead. This is progress. I thought, the American people are coming around. The American people are starting to motivated less by fear and more by rational thinking.

I thought that until I was reading an Article on today which cited a poll that shows 41% of Americans believe dooms day will arrive by the year 2050. That's almost half. Almost half of the American population think that dooms day is just 39 years away. That's in my life time. Almost half of the people living in the United States of America - and industrialized, secularized nation - think that I'll only be 67 years old when Jesus starts raising people from the dead. According to 41% of the Americans who answered the poll cited by NPR I will see zombies walk this earth before I die.

That blows my mind. Is that the divide in this country? Fifty-nine percent of us are rational, thinking people and the other forty-one percent are just bat shit crazy. 


The Bug said...

LOL. Yes, yes it is. Thanks for making it so clear :)

Single and Sane said...

My first thought after I heard that bin Laden was dead was that it gave us reason to leave Afghanistan. I hope that's the case.

And yeah, there's more than a few crazies around. Apparently some of them are convinced Jesus is coming a week from Saturday. I heard this morning that one guy has spent his entire retirement savings to get the word out. It makes my heart sink to think how he's going to feel a week from Sunday. =(