Tuesday, July 12

Impulse Buy

Since Alex is away for a month I'm attempting to embrace the "single in the city" life. I hit the 75% of skirts sale at Old Navy this weekend, doing my part to keep sweatshop workers around the world employed. Then yesterday - a Monday no less - I went out at 8:00 pm.

That's right. I left my humble abode at 8:00pm for a quick work out at my local gym before topping off the night with a jaunt to my favorite watering hole - the grocery store. It was here that I made a wonderful impulse buy - nail polish. The following conversation between myself and the young checker insuded:

Boy: $7.50 for nail polish?
Me: I know I'm horrible, but the color is awesome.
Boy: Nail color is worth $7.50?
Me: Not normally, no. But this is chinchlly*.

The boy nodded as if he now understood. As if my explanation had indeed explained something. Chinchilly indeed my friends. Chinchilly indeed.

* I would post a picture of the Essie nail polish in question, but the pictures I have found on-line don't do it justice. In pictures the polish looks gray, but in person it looks purple gray.

** Also, while I'm on the subject of "single in the city"  - is it just me or is there some global conspiracy by the cable networks to keep Sex in the City on TV twenty-four hours a day? What does it say about me that I identify most with Carrie? Shoes and Prada aside.


The Bug said...

I've never watched Sex in the City (& in fact I keep calling it Sex ON the City, which makes Mike laugh) so I don't know. But isn't she a strong female character? So that's good, right?

I only ever polish my toes - & not very well at that. But it's one of my summer indulgences & totally worth $7.50 :)

Katy said...

I only started watching the show a week or so ago. Carrie seems to be the one most ambivalet about the value of dating so I guess that is why I feel drawn to her. On the one hand I get its a necessary evil if you are ever going to met a person, on the other hand, it seems like it sucks up more time than its worth.

Also - I can't wear flip flops if my toes aren't painted.