Monday, January 23

Joshua Bell signing my CD - photo by Alex
One of my first celebrity crushes. I don't think I will ever stop loving Joshua Bell. He was in Houston on Friday playing a recital concert. After two hours of painting beautiful music with his violin, Bell sat in the lobby and signed autographs. He has a new CD out, so of course he was signing CDs, but he was also signing programs. Meaning the line was insane. Still, when we walked up he smiled. Shook our hands, asked Alex what her name was and if she enjoyed the concert. Like an idiot I was just smiling repeating, "Thank you for doing this, you are really wonderful" over and over again.

I was going to post a youtube video of him playing here, but I've spent the last hour watching videos. Now it is time for bed and I still can't decided which one to post. I'll leave it up to you to google him if you want. I hope you get lost in the music too.

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The Bug said...

So cool that you got to listen to one of your idols! I'll go "youtubing" when I get home from work & check him out.