Wednesday, March 19

America the Beautiful

Today, as an American, I reflect.
Photo by Jayel Aheram
Jayel Aheram is a United States marine based out
of Twenty nine Palms, California.
Still on active duty, he was deployed to Iraq's Al-Anbar province.

Today marks the 5th Anniversary
of the start of the war in Iraq.
Five years ago today
we dropped bombs on a nation
that did not attacked us.
Five years ago today
America started a war.

Chicago Tribune photo by Zbigniew Bzdak / March 14, 2008

Yesterday Obama gave a speech. In my opinion it was one of the greatest I have heard him give. I identified with what he said. America is a flawed nation. Race is the elephant in the room that we have never been able to successfully sweep under the rug. The dirty little secret is out.
Obama's former pastor is racist, so was his grandmother, and so is my father.
I have not really chosen sides in the democratic primary, I feel there are things that I don't like about both candidates. But today, I want to say thank you to Barak Obama. Thank you for giving the speech that we needed to hear, and not the one we wanted to hear.

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