Monday, March 17

Holy Week

Holy week started yesterday with Palm Sunday. We celebrated Jesus coming to Jerusalem with the same caiose that comes with ushering 300 children into the sanctuary. The hard part is making them look angelic while they sward fight with palm branches they are suppose to be waving. I have always wondered who started that tradition. I don't think anyone has ever stepped forward to take the blame. If they did, I'm sure every children's minister would burn their likeness in effigy. This year we were treated to some extra excitement. One of the women in the choir fainted right before the service, as she sat in the choir loft. I was in the back hall with a group of palm wavers. As the EMS ran past us to revive her, the 3rd grade boys decided she was probably already dead. She wasn't. Much to their disappointment, she wasn't even wheeled out on the gurney.

I have made a huge amount of progress on the car. One side has the full rainbow on it. It looks spectacular. Alex did an awesome job helping me with it. I think the green could use another coat, but passed that I'm ready to move to the other side. I would have gotten more done, but Alex had softball practice. She couldn't find her glove and ended up grabbing a right handed one. Well she told me this as we walked out on the field. I didn't have shoes on and I was covered in paint. No problem, I ran home to get a left handed one. I could only find the one my sister had used, which is probably two sizes too big for A at the moment. Since I had already run home and back once I decided to stay and help fetch the balls the girls had let slip by them. Barefoot of course. I'm sure the coach just thought I was a mess.

I would have pictures of all of this, but my camera isn't working. Its charged, but won't turn on. I have dropped it several times. Once on the concrete of Epcot, so I know that if its truly broken its all my fault. I am getting $400 back from the government (thank god for medical deductions!) but I would rather not spend that on a camera. I'm going to try and replace the battery first. It may be a fool's earned, but I'm desperate.

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